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Wobbly Wayne rides again

interesting but true.

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If games only lasted 80 minutes , we would now be sitting in the top half of the table , with 16 points and a 0 goal difference..


It is easy to say that , that is when the full time teams extra fitness kicks in, but our 2 biggest slip ups have been at home and against similar oppo in Burton and FGR.

Or is it a case that the players lose concentration as the crowd slips away, in some cases a good 5 minutes before the end !!


C'mon lads lets see these games out ( players and fans) , and a comfortable mid table place beckons.




C'mon you rip roaring reds...


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A bloke I know leaves 5-10 minutes early every game so he misses the traffic/gets back before his missus has a go at him etc...I've only been going to the Fleet for aroung 4 years but the amount of times I've told him about late goals he's missed is beyond count. OK if you're 6-0 up (or down!) but 1-0, anything could, and often does happen. Each to his own, I suppose.

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