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Richard C

Some noise anyone??

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Tonight - If Andy is correct and I think he might be pretty close Aldershot will bring 8/900!! We should have 1000 ish give or take 100 or so and thereofre it is even,y matched in the noise stakes! We have of course two advantages…. The Plough End and the halfway line....... two covered parts of the stadium which need to feel extreme noise underneath them for as close to 90minutes as our voices hold out. We all know that second half we will sing for 45mins but if we can sing for as much of the first half as possible aswell we WILL help the players on to a good performance. If we do not sing the players heads will drop and anything may happen! My pre match motivation techniques are to ask everyone to get as much noise going as possible as it creates a good atmosphere for the players..... F Green was a really low key atmosphere and we really didnt get behind the players! Tonight we MUST. So whether its Gravesend cha cha cha or Andy fords red and white army (which is no long overdue) we must all join in ( to any degree of chant they feel capable of!!) My motivational exercise is over. Quite simple "if we dont sing we wont win!"

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