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Olympian League Champions

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I have recently taken in a couple of local games when my club of choice, Aveley, are not in action. This week the blues were away to Lowetoft and I was taking my two little girls out Saturday evening to the theater so I decided to remain local. I decided to watch Lakeside who hosted Thurrock reserves.


Lakeside has a nice set up just outside the shopping centre although the pitch could do with some TLC. I didn't realise but Lakeside had not won a game all season in the league so when they erupted after a 3-2 scoreline I wasn't quite following. Yes, it is a local derby I thought but this was extreme.


This got me thinking so I did a little digging and found the league website. Who does everyone think will win each division?


Premier - Looks like a two horse race between Frenford Senior and Kelvedon Hatch.


Division One - Southminster St Leonards seem to be running away with it but there are plenty of teams with games in hand that can catch up. Perhaps Herongate Athletic, Sandon Royals, Ongar Town or Aldborough Athletic are still in with a chance.


Division Two - Similar to division one it looks as though Springfield are running away with it but Old Southendian and Castle Utd still have a big part to play when they catch up their games.


Division Three - It looks like a 3 horse ace between Old Barkabbeyans, Stambridge Utd and Newham Utd. Stambridge have reached the Essex Premier Cup Final so are obviously a quality team but I wonder if their cup form has affectde their chance of promotion.


What does everyone think?

Who are the managers of these teams and what are their history?

Who are the star players?


I may take more of an interest in this between now and the end of the season.

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