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My View's.....

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This forum is so quiet I thought I would add my view's on the season's best and worst stats from my club London Bari FC, Feel free to add to it........


Biggest Win to date: 5-0 away to Sawbridgeworth Town FC in the League Cup.

Biggest League win: 3-0 away to Clapton

Biggest Loss: 3-1 at home to Takeley/Enfield 1893 and away to APSA.

Most Goals scored by a single player: Geoff Mitchell 3 away to Sawbo

Goal of the season: Eljay Worrell hit a scorcher from 35yards into the top corner, Patrick Songe Damali scored from 45yards both vs Great Wakering Rovers (Same Game)

Miss of the season: Ben Jones from 5 yards hits it over in Semi Final vs Enfield 1893 with score at 0-0 (Open Goal)

Best side we have played: Takeley

Best Counter attacking side: Sporting Bengal

Best Defensive side: Barkingside

Underated side: Southend Manor/Eton Manor

Fav Ground: GWR

Fav team to play: GWR. Great games, we are their hoodoo team. 3wins and 1draw.

Least fav team to play: Clapton.......Spotted Dog AGAIN! Causes unneeded friction between the 2 sides. lol

Most Consistant side: Burnham Ramblers

Least impressed by: Burnham Ramblers, their results and consistancy is quality but when we met I just couldn't see it, 2-2. (Maybe they we punish us next time)

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I would agree with you there Ricky on some. Sporting Bengal are a great counter attacking side. They have got some good quality players most notably Beggsy. Its remarkable they have scored tons but let in a shipload.


I am impressed with how we have defended this season. I think its still us who has let the least amount of goals in this season.


Burnham are the most consistent side in the league they just need to keep it up and finish it off. Them and GWR will go down to the wire. Eton Manor you are correct too you never know with them. Looking forward to playing them next week.

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