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help with identification

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Rob, can you help with this?


Twice recently, including this morning, as I was cycling along a quiet country lane near Great Munden, I startled a medium sized black bird in the hedgerow. Not quite as big as a blackbird and with a prominent flash of white. No alarm call (unlike the green woodpecker that I startled a little further on!). RSPB bird identifier only comes up with ring ouzel, but surely not that?

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Wouldn't of thought it was a Ring Ouzel but not entirely impossible,once had one in my local pub beer garden in June.

Could be a Blackbird,many do have flashes of white on them as a deformity

I can't really think what else it could be other than probably a deformed blackbird or less likely a ring ouzel

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Thanks Rob. You know how brief a look you get at a bird flying out of a nearby hedgerow! Probably the same bird that I saw both times - same lane. The impression I got was not of a blackbird but the white was in the wrong place for a ring ouzel (more like you see on a chaffinch in flight). I will keep an eye out next time I'm cycling along that lane!

I see lots of birds at this time of year but, being a novice, and usually only the briefest glimpse, it's so hard to know what I've seen.


Have definitely identified yellowhammer (often), green woodpecker, sparrow hawk, red kite, buzzard, jackdaw, chaffinch (very many), goldfinch, and a lifesize model of the escaped rhea!

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