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Chairmans blog

Bill of Shenfield

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What a fantastic, honest and inspiring blog.


We are indeed indebted to your hard work done quietly behind the scenes. I for one have been privileged to work with you in some of those early tough years and am well aware of how much your personal funding has kept this club going.


It is great to see the players and club responding in what as been a good few weeks. I think the excellent performance by the players on Boxing Day was indicative of better times and the fans certainly responded to this.


May I wish you , Sharon and your family a very happy New Year and maybe a play off place !!!

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It's really interesting and a reminder of all of the hard work and money that has been put in over the years. The volunteers throughout that time have done a great job and Steve has been way too modest to mention the huge amount of work that he and Sharon have put in.


I'm not sure I agree with the Dulwich theory however. In my view it is indisputable that attendances follow performance on the pitch. Dulwich's recent high attendances (which by the way have been boosted by "pay what you want" days and the issuing of 100s of free tickets to schools)are in seasons where they have been successful. Last season they just missed out on the playoffs (last day of the season I think - first season back in RPL), the season before they won R1S and they occupied play-off places in R1S the previous two seasons. In 2008/09 when they finished 12th in R1S their average gate was 224.


Since Steve has been here our best attendances have coincided with our best finishes - averages of over 500 when we finished 2nd,7th,4th and 1st in 2004/05, 2005/06, 2006/07 and 2011/12 - incidentally the 2011/12 average of 513 was a massive increase on the previous year when we finished 11th. Shoe army anyone?


That's not to say that I disagree with the sentiment though and it's great that there has been a much more positive vibe going through the Club in recent weeks. Hopefully we can use that to increase the current attendances in a "'Ricay way". We still have a squeak at a play-off place this season but with the possibility of losing Margate and Maidstone, next season could be really open and it would be great if we were able to seize that opportunity and give it a real good go.

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