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Torquay Appoint Ex-Oxford Chairman

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Torquay Appoint Ex-Oxford Chairman

Torquay United have confirmed they have appointed a team headed by former Oxford United chairman Kelvin Thomas to look at all aspects of the Vanarama Conference club.

Thomas has been involved in various businesses in both the US and the UK and his background includes a very successful spell as chairman of Oxford United, where, under his stewardship, the club gained promotion back into the Football League from the Football Conference, plus he oversaw revenue growth from £1.9 million to £3.2m and increased average attendances from 4,300 to 7,200 upon his departure.

Thomas' role will primarily be to work closely with chairman Thea Bristow, the Board of Directors and the club's existing staff to offer direction and guidance to help drive the club forward.

Thea Bristow said: "It is well known that I have been subsidising the club for three years and I would like to make some changes, so that the club can grow in a more sustainable manner. It is also well known that I have no experience at running a football club and making these types of changes. So, I have made the decision to seek external help in this area.

"Kelvin has been highly recommended in this role and I am looking forward to working with him over the next few weeks.

"There has also been speculation in regards to additional investment or a purchase of the club. I can confirm that I have had talks with various parties about additional investment, but obviously nothing has been completed, and these talks will be ongoing.

"My love for the football club hasn't changed, and my role now is to ensure, if there is additional investment and new parties introduced, it has to be beneficial for the football club and the football club's future comes first."

Thomas added: "Having met Thea and been approached to help, it was quite an easy decision. She has immense love for this club, but has found herself in a position where she feels quite lonely in her role. Hopefully, during this initial three-week period, I will be able to use some of my experience and expertise to help her and the club.

"I will spend the next few days meeting all the staff and stakeholders, and I am excited to learn more about Torquay United."


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