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Personally, I think that we've got to pull out all the stops next year to get promotion. This could mean spending money, but building a Conference ready team. I think that we need cover in goal for Ashley, someone who can give him some immediate competition. We need a couple of new defenders (I have it on good authority that a former Gull may well return next year in this position!) I also reckon Lee Shearer from Dover would be a good signing, even though he drinks more than Greggors!

In midfield I think that Jon Keeling and Joe Baker are musts. They are both quality, and the sooner we sign them the better. I have also heard that two ex-Spurs players may well be joining us, I won't tell you who incase it does't happen! I also think that Scott Forbes would be a great signing, as he has proved that when he is free of injury, he is easily a divison 3 player minimum.

Up front we need 3 players - one Gregory type player (possibly someone like the tall black striker at Aldershot.) We also need another Boylan, Nicky Simpson at Braintree stands out after his performances this year. I'd also like to see an all rounder, possibly not a 30+ goals a season player, but someone who's aerial ability is matched by good footwork and speed.

Well, I can dream can't I?!?!?!

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Nice one Gleneck,at last a posting without J.C.s own brand of keyboard dysentery,although how long it will last now I,ve posted this is anybodys guess <img src="graemlins/chat.gif" border="0" alt="chat" />

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