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Ryman League confirm charge against Enfield Town

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The Ryman League has been advised by The Football Association that a charge of playing a player who should have been suspended has been made and proven against Enfield Town FC.

Enfield Town has been charged by the Isthmian League with playing an ineligible player and the League is working with the club over when the hearing should be in order that play-off matches in the Premier Division are disrupted as little as possible.

The League does not propose to issue a further statement at this time.

Source: www.isthmian.co.uk

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The Cliquey Townies should be deducted at least six points for this violation . Rules are made to Implement fairness and If they break those rules then they punished accordingly  . It will rattle a few royal cliquey  upwho backsides but it won't do them any harm , It'll teach them a lesson that even they are not above the laws of football    



Kev  has spoken  :D

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