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Flood appeal boosted by Northern Alliance donation

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Shankhouse may be bottom of the Newcastle Building Society Northern Football Alliance Premier Division but they’re number one over in Cumbria after club official Garry Kirkup kick-started a fund raiser for people affected by the floods.

Kirkup suggested that the Alliance and it’s amateur member sides could help out in some way after seeing the devastation caused by Storm Desmond and they all responded generously by digging deep to raise £1,000 at a League meeting in Newcastle.

Carlisle City secretary Brian Hall and Northbank secretary John Twentyman received the donation on behalf on the Cumbria Community Foundation, which administers an appeal to help people in need whose lives have been turned upside down by the devastation that the flood waters wreaked on the north-west.

Shankhouse are one of the oldest clubs in Northumberland and were formed in 1883. Their secretary George Davison is a respected member of the Alliance management committee and is the Fixtures Secretary for Divisions One and Two.

“Although we weren’t affected over at this end of the country, we just wanted to offer our support to those that were across in Cumbria,” said Kirkup.

“We played Carlisle City in the Cup on Saturday 28th November and it rained all the way across and throughout the match. I think if the game had been at the Sheepmount, it probably wouldn’t have been played.

Knowing the history of the previous floods from speaking to Mark Wilson and seeing the weekly forecast on Countryfile, I thought good job lessons will have been learned and work will have been done to stop the floods happening again.

But when watching Breakfast TV I couldn’t believe the families and businesses in the same places - Carlisle, Cockermouth, Keswick, had been devastated again - especially given that Christmas is just around the corner.”

“Having spent many enjoyable Saturday afternoons in the area watching and managing Shankhouse against City, Northbank, Gillford Park and Harraby, I wondered if the rest of the Northern Alliance football clubs would be interested in helping out those affected by the recent devastation caused by the floods.”

“I raised it during any other business at the December club’s league meeting and Chris Mann from Red House Farm suggested that all 47 clubs contribute towards the suggestion and all those present agreed. George Davison on the League Management Committee then suggested that the Northern Alliance football committee match the amount raised by the clubs from League Funds.”

“This was unanimously agreed and both League Chairman Peter Riley and League Secretary Derek Booth confirmed the figure would be rounded up to a £1,000 with Brian Hall of Carlisle City and John Twentyman of Northbank Carlisle to agree how and where the money would be best distributed.”

“Brian Hall confirmed that the donation would best serve the people of Cumbria via the Cumbria Community Foundation and hopefully along with all the other donations received, 

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