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Daniels boss pens new deal

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Manager Graham Drury has signed a contract with Stamford which will keep him at the NPL club until the end of next season.

"I am absolutely delighted," said chairman Bob Feetham. "Both Graham and I have been anxious to put an end to some of the nonsensical speculation which has done the rounds. He is our manager, he is our choice - and he is here to stay."

Bob continued: "It's great to give our fabulous fans such good news straight after the win against Hyde. The team were magnificent. Make no mistake. There hasn't been a Stamford team this season ahead of Graham's arrival which would have had the heart to win that match. Graham has given us that spirit."

The chairman then added a warning as he emphasised: "I have every confidence that the Drury influence will get is where we want to be - and where those long suffering fans deserve to be. There may be setbacks along the way and the next 20 games will be a close run thing when it comes to dodging relegation.

"But it is important for everyone to remember that Graham will be influential in a long term strategy which looks at not just avoiding relegation but taking us onwards and upwards."

Graham commented: "I am overjoyed to be back and signing this contract shows that I am fully committed to the project long term. These wonderful new facilities match my ambition of going back up to the Conference and it would be great to be the man who takes Stamford there for the first time in their history."

He continued: "This is a big challenge but I am fully confident we can stay where we are and then push on in the NPL. It would give a lot of pleasure to make sure that happens for the fans.

"So I'm asking them to buckle up, sit back and enjoy the ride!"

Source: Stamford AFC

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