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I did warn you


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Pay attention!!!!!!!!!!


I have warned over many occassions and have been slagged of I have also been threatened with legal action so I am very considered in what I say.


You must ask the questions I keep pushing as I am aware of what is happening.


Some time ago I suggested you as supporters look at what is going on with Margate. You all said it has nothing to do with ricay and I am a trouble maker.


Please read a cut and paste statement from Margate below.


This is a direct quote and is in the public domain, when you have read it ask why.


If they can not cover a measly £650,000 boy is BTFC in danger.


"The club had called the meeting after being informed last week that their partner and funder of the project - Stadia Management - were unable to provide the required funds. Over the weekend the Directors themselves contributed £650,000 to the project to keep it alive.


Previously, it had been Stadia Group who worked with the council on legal and financial matters but the matter has become so serious that the club had to intervene.


A club spokesman commented: “We have been badly mis-led and let down by the Stadia Organisation over this. At our meeting yesterday we discovered that despite being asked several times by the council they have failed to provide vital basic pieces of information that were required to move things forward and this has obviously caused great concern amongst members and officers.


Whilst expressing continuing support for the club the council were unable to give us permission to start work until new due diligence audits have been completed."



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Well I cannot do everything go visit their site and read the views of the local authority.


This has attracted a lot of publicity anyone interested in doing a bit of digging could find a lot of information like I have. I warn you though be careful what you print as you could find yourself facing some heavy legal dudes who may make some heavy threats, I know.

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