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The Best Just Got Better


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Solid, workmanlike performance today – not spectacular but the result was never in any doubt. Once upon a time Canvey either played superb football or the gave up and lost points. This season if they are not playing superb football they dig in and simply refuse to be beaten. Today was one of those ‘dig in’ performances.


Big difference was the lack of a General in midfield. There was loads of individual talent but no one player able to direct proceedings from midfield. I was hoping that Canvey would not be too dependant on one particular player this season but I have to say, Mints was sorely missed.


Maidenhead can consider themselves to be a tad unlucky to go home with a 3-1 scoreline and all credit to them for giving it everything for the whole 90 minutes. Can’t really understand why they are so low in the league and a team like Carshalton are near the top.


My man of the match was Danny Potter. He made a couple of blinding saves in the first half, he always clears the ball away with minimum delay and he calls well, always dominating the 18yd box. Defenders seem to know where they stand with him between the sticks. Unlike the Maidenhead keeper who should have collected the cross that led to Boylan’s second goal. He bottled out, leaving Boyly with another brace of goals.


With Hornchurch and Carshalton losing, Hayes being held to a draw by our friends from Basilricay, we have a 16 point lead. It just gets better and better. (Mind you, I just took a look on the official website. Their league tables (for some reason they have two?) show Canvey with a 2 point league in one and a 13 point lead in the other. Sorry to gloat but the words "could do better" spring to mind.)


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the official website could use the handle.. ´the worst just got worse´


16 points clear 14 if the urchins win their game in hand. better than we could of dreamt. no complancancy lets really stick this advantage in while we are on a good run and other challengers are suffering from poor form or bad luck.. its wont last all season it never does so lets make hay.. good luck at the iron !! come on you yellows!!

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13 points clear if Thurrock win both of their games in hand and the teams above them lose.


It looks good at Christmas, if it looks this good at Easter, I might consider buying a Season Ticket for next year!! LOL <img src="/images/graemlins/grin.gif" alt="" /> <img src="/images/graemlins/grin.gif" alt="" /> <img src="/images/graemlins/grin.gif" alt="" />


You reckon the Club might re-consider letting me back in if I wave a few notes in front of them? <img src="/images/graemlins/wink.gif" alt="" />

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