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Is this the worst Slough team ever.


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After last nights performance, one of the worst I have seen in the last 30 odd years. Do we now have the worst/Weakest team ever?

How can the management team ever think people like Mark Bartley will ever be good enough at this level, or are they building for a team for a lower level?


Where is Martin Deaner? not been see for months. Can the people in charge not see the team needs strengthening now before it is too late. If we do not make the top six it effectively means relegation again. We only have Barrowcliff and Spencer that may improve the team, the substitutes last night apart from Hyatt are not good enough, why are they still at the club.


What is the news on Kennedy Park? we have not had any encouraging news for months now. Has Deaner jumped ship?


Finally I was disgusted to find Ryan Williams back at the club. His performances last season were dire. I think we were all glad to see him leave with Browne and Co chasing the Boreham Wood dollar. Now we should welcome him back, having been discarded by Browne. On his performance last night he certainly has not improved and won't add anything to our weak squad.


Please management wake up we are not good enough, we have not beaten any of the sides above us, and barely look like scoring without Spencer pulling the strings. I am amazed that Hodge and Spencer are still with us, and God bless the loyalty of Steve Daly.

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The simple answer to this is yes it is. We are playing at out lowest level in living memory and on that level alone it is the worst Slough Team Ever. I mean even Danny Nwaokolo and Martin Stone would walk into the side we have now! But as I was driving back last night I was thinking of Slough Teams of yesteryear and all I could think about was Darren Anderson, Tony Dell, Trevor Howe, Neal Stanley, Steve Thompson.They were Slough players through and through. One of my lasting memories of a slough game was the defeat at Colchester when Darren Anderson was firing up the crowd and getting us to sing, granted he later got sent off! but the passion and commitment was there as was the interaction between fans and players, then of course there were the conference years with decent players that gave their all on the pitch, where i can remember going into the bar after a game and having a drink and a chat with the players.

Last night wasnt the Slough Town Football Club I know and love, for the first time i was ashamed to call myself a supporter of Slough.

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Not quite the worst Slough side within living memory. I saw a fair amount of the 1960/61 team which finished bottom of the Corinthian League and believe me, particularly in the second half of the season, they were abject. However, some good players emerged from the wreckage. And most importantly, the then committee appointed Bob Gibbs as manager for 1961/62 and so began our great ascent through the ranks of non-league football which reached its zenith in 1997/98. Around 35 years to get there and fewer than 4 to drop back.

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