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Just joined a moment ago and wanted to say hi.

The aim over the next few months is to create, form and put into reality a county league football team based in Birchington-On-Sea with the hope of progressing through the non-league system.

I played semi-pro football from the age of 16, spent some time at a few pro clubs too, but hung my boots up 5 seasons ago at the sprightly age of 41. I had coached youth and ladies football and a few seasons ago was an assistant manager in the Spartan South Midlands League. After taking some time out and moving to the Kent coast I made the decision recently to embark on my coaching badge trail, but linking myself to a club in the area proved extremely difficult and every enquiry I made to assist/volunteer to a club in any manner fell flat. I am fully aware of how football works and nobody knew me in the area, so it was to be expected.

It was after a conversation with someone I used to play with that he mentioned about "starting your own club" in an area which does not have one. I live a stones throw from Birchington-On-Sea and although I am aware of the thriving Sunday League football in the area I noticed there was a niche for a community based Saturday club which could start in the Kent leagues and potentially move through the system, or at least "have a go."

Today was the birth of Birchington FC and I hope as time goes on I can keep you updated on how things go.

I look forward to chatting to some of you.....but in the meantime, there are finances to arrange, sponsors to talk to, pitches to book and players to scout.....

See you on the seaside

Birchington FC

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