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In answer to an earlier post, I made reference to the "old guard". I would like to point out that under no circumstances was I including Jim Hall in that. I have the greatest respect for Jim and all that he has done for the club and there was no intent to "tar" him with same brush as others.


Jim has supported the club for as many years that I can remember and has always had the clubs best interest at heart and in mind. If I have upset Jim, I apologise to him and his wife, who has also been a great support to him through some very trying times down at the club over the past 12 months.


I'm sure that all the supporters of the club will be sad to read anything on this forum that criticized Jim and again I would like to point out that was not my intent.


I'm also sure that everyone would join me in the hope that Jim will continue to enjoy the atmosphere and the football down at New Lodge for many years to come.


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