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Alan W (GNFC)

Interesting Stats

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Based on this, Drury has best "goals to minutes on pitch" ratio, just ahead of Abbey. Pinnock, Haworth and Evans are all very similar.

These stats are League only, and Abbey has 4 goals in the cup competitions as well, so is probably best overall in terms of goals to time on pitch ratio.

Its noticeable though, from these stats, that even Abbey & Drury only score once every 2.5 games on average, and the other 3 are roughly once every 3.3 games, which clearly isnt good enough (as we already knew).

Looking at other teams, they usually have someone who scores, at worst, once every 2 games - the top teams have a couple of players who do that - although other teams at the bottom (such as Leigh with McNiven) rely heavily on one goalscorer (if we had McNiven in our team, how much further up the table might we be by now??)

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