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Enfield Town v Stanstead

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Well, I can't begrudge them their penalties, all 3 of them, and I think they were the better side on the night. I also agree with Danny being sent off, although some of the offside desicions must've been winding him up.<P>What I can't agree with is the reaction from some Stanstead players when the ref called Danny over. Two of them standing between Danny and the ref were making racist comments and gestures, which were totally ignored by the ref. When walking off the pitch at the end of the match, they implied that they couldn't be racist because there was a black player on their team. Well, that's fine then, isn't it - there's obviously no racism in Britain as black people live here.<P>Enfield Town were rubbish, we made Stanstead look good. They deserved the win. Danny did not deserve the abuse he got. But what can you do? mad.gif" border="0

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Thoroughly agree with your views on last night. We were played off the park and barely threatened to score, al of their penalties seemed just and we deserved to lose. Saying that I am still shocked at the brazen racist display by a couple of the Stansted players. How can they claim it wasn't racist? The best part of 300 people (although not the officials it seems) saw a couple of 'adult' footballers doing monkey dances as Clarke was about to be sent off. It really is a disgrace to Stansted FC and the reasonable spirit we've encountered in the E.S.L. and, as Jim Chandler said in the bar after, if they had been our players they'd have been sacked from the club, no matter who they were, no question.

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