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September 25'th 2001 ???

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What is this guy on, I here you ask?? Well that was the date when the Eagles went down at home to Canvey earlier this season.It was also a bit of a special day for me,let me explain. This was one of a few games I had been looking forward to since we won promotion last year,finally watching the F.A. Trophy winners and seeing the King himself but then you can't really miss him can you (only joking honest).Referee blows whistle.captains gather on centre spot,ref tosses coin,ends are selected,Canvey prepare to K.O.Ref blows whistle,phone rings!!what phone rings.Hello I say is that you Pete,yes I reply can you come to the hospital straight away Kym's just gone to theatre we are going to section her(thats cesarian delivery to those of you who dont't know what section means)yes she's having the baby Yes tonight of all nights.So off I go.Now the moral of the story is this should anyone know if there are any pregnant woman going to the game tomorrow please stand in a prominent place so that I can see you it's not me you see it's just that Kym is also a midwife and it would be just my luck you know,lightning striking twice and all that.Oh and by the way it was a girl our little Mollie was born at 8.21 so I had two lots of tears that night one lot for Mollie and the other lot when I heard the result still lets see if its not tears of joy tomorrow when we win the game. See ya there.

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