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Unrecognized Genius

Sorry to be serious ...

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... but it is absolutely imperative that all Fleet fans follow my example.


Don't let your imaginations dwell for too long on the mental image this conjures up, but I am currently wearing my sky blue tee shirt, my green underpants & my green socks (& unlike the players, later today, only the rather fetching Azuri style tee shirt is on general display.) These items will remain until I retire to bed in a happy daze, engendered by the double effect of a win or a draw at Shrewsbury & an obscene number of bottles of Liefmans Kriek* drunk in celebration.


It is absolutely imperative that all Fleet fans follow my example on dress code. (If you wish to follow my beer code as well, this is currently available from Sainsbury's on special offer.) I have it on good authority that following this method is 50,000 times more likely to guarantee success than the pathetic measures employed by Uri Geller before Exeter saw right through him.


Let's finish above Westley & rub his ugly little nose in it!


* Someone really must tell Jamie Oliver about this stuff - far superior to his championed Hoegarden.



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