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Lock them up!

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I've just seen over on Sky News that two teenagers in Scotland beheaded a corpse and played with the head in a graveyeard - and have escaped jail. One was 17, the other 15, and god probation and some community service. And this is supposed to be a justice system? No wonder one of them had such a broad grin on his face.


There should be some tit for tat system imposed for unusual cases like this - personally I think they should have had their [****!!****] removed by a blunt hack saw and then had them thrown at their faces when put in stocks.

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As soon as the Unc's beloved pinkos pick up on this, expect computer games to be banned, local authorities blamed for not providing disaffected youth with sufficient leisure facilities and no doubt relatives of the dead person for not being sympathetic to the young boys. Madness.

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