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Met Police 1 Slough Town 3

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Quick summary - we were good in patches and they were pretty awful first half but we let them back in the game. Boot scored first after great move and a lovely ball through from Harris but few other chances.


Second half I reckon we thought it would be easy and they got back in the game and scored a goal after confusion in our penalty area ( once again!! ) Neither side looked like they were going to win it and Eddie changed to 4-4-2 with Danny Steer and Lee Riddell on. Danny made a good run up the left and was brought down for a penalty - couldn't see if it was or not. Booty did really well to keep his nerve after the ref delayed the kick for an age ( I had visions of Bracknell all over again!! ) and made it 2-1 on about 85 mins. Tony completed his hat-trick on about 95 minutes with a sublime chip after the keeper had headed it outside his box.


Not sure if enough to see us up yet but the result more important than the performance.


And well done to all the walkers!! Great effort!!

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And just continuing my post, today makes me realise what a disaster it would / could be if we don't finish top 6. Met Police were a pretty awful side and had no-one with the flair, invention or touch of Veli or Chopper. Watching football at that lower level next season is going to be pretty depressing if that is the standard - although looking at a lot of the teams there won't BE anyone watching.


Well done to the boys for this great run and let's hope we can keep the team together over the summer.

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Far from a good performance, but all the boys battled hard in the heat and ground out a result. Personally, didn't think it was a pen, and a few agreed, and a similar amount disagreed, but after all the oppo had got away with, especially the battering ram they had upfront, we deserved an equally bad refereeing decision.


Some scary moments around 1-1 as well as they hit the post (Can't remember if it was before or after their goal) but once 2-1 we didn't look back and Boot got a great third, completing his hat-trick. (Hope to have second and third goals on camera).

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Up the Rebels...Great Day ! The walk was hard...but the lads ..did us proud...another battle..well won in the end...NO PENALTY ! Never...good to see Boot get the 3rd...Played some very good football today, but the thugs...went to work on Hodgie ! must be black and blue...


Its the last mile and the floodlights are in view! lets pull the Real Rebels across the line on Tuesday....and get automatic promotion !


Or its do or die on Saturday......


But its exciting too.....great end to the season for all.....


Hope the walkers are all right....Well Done to all...


I will count the money up from the ground collection tomorrow and Let you all know the ammount collected ..(thanks Met Police for allowing us to do a collection)....


See you all Tuesday...Bring a friend ....we need all the support we can get !!!!




Cheers Chris S. <img src="/images/graemlins/cool.gif" alt="" />

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