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Photos of presentations after the Northwich game

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Hope I've done this properly.


The link below should take you to some photographs I took on Saturday. Even on Broadband each one takes about 45 secs to appear - initially in gigantic form, then once it's all downloaded it reverts to a sensible size. If you like the humungous version, you can revert to that by clicking the icon which appears in the bottom right of the photo, when you hover your cursor over the picture.


Haven't included any video clips - jerked my camera off target for Roy's goal & only just caught Jamie Pinnock's at the final moment - more of me blethering on about how I hadn't seen it clearly & Moussa's minder celebrating than anything meaningful.


Anyway, here are the photos:




Graham S


PS best moment for me - the spontaneous applause given to the Northwich supporters who appeared, walking towards their cars, while the rest of us were drinking outside the bar. One set of genuine supporters appreciating another.

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Glad to see all the Club & Trust personnel looking very photogenic - even Mr Shearer lurking in the background, with his "discreetly hard" haircut, looks quite fetching.


Shame the same cannot be said for one or two of the "extras" who've managed to be very much in evidence in some of the shots.


Were the Board of Directors present when the awards were made? Was asked afterwards & I hadn't really looked out for them at the time.



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