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2nd bi-annual K's Trust 5 a sides - This Sunday

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Just another reminder that the second bi-annual K's Trust 5 a side tournament sponsored by Triumph Trophies will take place this Sunday May 2nd at 1pm at Kingsmeadow Fitness and Leisure Centre, Kingston upon Thames. All are welcome to attend, the event will be free to spectators and the club bar will be open for the duration of the tournament. 19 teams have entered.


The following teams have entered the second bi-annual K's Trust 5 a side tournament. There will be 3 leagues, each team plays the other teams in their league once. The fixtures will be available on the day. The leagues are as follows. Each match will be 7 minutes in duration.




1 Mid Kent College - Last Years winners

2 Fabric FC

3 Budbomb FC

4 Hall Hunter Partnership

5 Gazza FC

6 Innermess Calm-o-downian Piffle

7 New Malden All Stars




1 Dehaze FC

2 New Malden Post

3 Dagenham and Redbridge

4 Hayes Lane ultras

5 Knaphill FC

6 Splitit Athletic




1 Enfield Town - Last Years Runners Up

2 Kingston Town

3 The K's Trust

4 The Dons Trust

5 Munch Bunch FC

6 The Flock FC



The winners of each league, the runners up and the two third highest placed teams in the three leagues will progress to the quarter finals. However two teams from the same group will not meet each other in the quarter finals. The winners of the quarter finals will progress to the two semi final matches.The winners of the semi final matches will play each other in the final.


Hope to see you there.


Andrew Carberry,

Vice-Chairman of the K's Trust [color:"red"] [/color]

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