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Pre-Season Money Raiser


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Now this may be completely impractical but I offer it as a suggestion..


Before the team gets down to the serious business of pre-season friendlies against Windsor, Oxford United etc. (see other thread), how about having an exhibition match involving the players and the fans?


If we could get, say, 22 people who would be willing to play 45 minutes in a Slough shirt (amber one team, white the other) at say £50 per person, we could raise over £1,000. Gate money would, hopefully, cover the expenses of staging the match (officials, hire etc).


The fans could be split between the two sides so that the players' defence was opposed by the players' attack.


With a complete change of "fan" players at half time it should not be too exhausting for those with beer bellies or of advanced years. And it might even produce a reasonable match.


I would be willing to run out (and cough up £50) even though I played my last competitive 11-a-side match in 1972 - some skills you never lose, provided the match took place before 31st July, on which date I go on holiday, thus missing the start of the season!





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It's a good idea in theory, but I think you may find the players then 'playing amongst themselves' for the main part as the rest of us keep up. Perhaps a charity match between the Supporters Team (if we can muster an XI) against the Ambulance team instead? Should have got around to arranging it, but have been busy (apologies!)

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