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Mark (Flag) Braintree

Claims on Car Insurance.

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At the end of 2003, I had only my 2nd accident in 17 years of driving, unfortunately both were within weeks of each other.


Back to the point, neither were major, but the 2nd one was my fault, so gave the details to the bloke and told my insurance company.


So gutted, because I get a letter, saying the other person has still not put through their claim, so it means my premiums will go up for nothing, I may be wrong, but if someone does not claim and the other person has admitted responsibility then it sounds like they do not have insurance would you agree.


My insurance company, said they will close the files.


I am right, am I that if you put in a claim it goes against you and you lose your no claims bonus whether the other person has claimed on your insurance or not. Is that right?

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I know of someone who last year had an accident. Wasn't her fault - it was White Van Man's fault!


But...because she had to invove her insurance company, HER premium went up! It's a disgrace.



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Right, there are 2 claims here and one was a fault claim.


The problem is this, you bought insurance for your vehicle for 1 year, but that is not a limitation as to when a claim can be made.


I deal with damage claims for my company and some people can claim up to 3 years after the incident, obviously as time goes on their right to claim diminishes, but your insurance company would have set a reserve against the damage you caused.


What does this mean? Speak to your insurer's and ask them at what stage they will disregard the claim, i.e 12 months/3 years? I would think that if it's 12 months then they can re-imburse once they have confirmed that no claim has been made. It just depends how difficult your insurance co want to be.


You can get tips on how to handle things with



Hope that helps

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