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I was quite angry with One / Eastern Railway last week and this week and sent them an email to tell them of my frustrations with their service. The straw that broke the cammels back was them turning up peak time with 4 coaches, with people usually standing on this train at 12 coaches long.


Cattle truck.


This is there bulls**te excuses response.

I was not impressed.



Dear Mr B


Thank you for your e-mail, concerning the recent ‘spate’ of poor

performance on our services.


We aim to offer the highest levels of service at all times, so it is always

a disappointment to us when our train service falls below the standard we –

and our passengers – expect.


Traditionally, our performance tends to slip a little in autumn, so it is

particularly annoying to have had a poor spell of performance in early



The delays were caused by a number of unrelated factors such as a fatality,

problems with the overhead wires and signalling faults. Because the

majority of these causes of delay were infrastructure related, there is

little direct action we can take. However, our Managing Director – who

shares the frustration of our passengers – regularly meets with his

opposite number at Network Rail to seek both an improvement in the

robustness of their equipment and a quicker response when failures do



Despite our recent poor performance we remain optimistic and are confident

that our performance will return to the high standards of punctuality

achieved in the spring. With regard to compensation, you may submit a claim

for any individual your journey was delayed by one hour or more.


In the meantime, I thank you for bearing with us and apologise for the

inconvenience caused.


Yours sincerely,





Carl Lombardelli

Deputy Manager

Customer Relations



For more information on our range of services, please visit:-





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having split the track franchise from the carrier franchise they can off load the blame neatly.. fking ludicrous situation anyway who ever runs the service should be in charge of the whole shooting match

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