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Hi,<p>I have had several emails from people subscribed to the Non League Forums, who have a virus on their machine.<p>If you have updated your virus checking software prior to last weekend, it will not pick up this virus, which is called W32.Badtrans.B@mm<p>The virus sends out emails automatically on your behalf, to any emails that you might have received and are currently in your email client.<p>Therefore the virus is replying to the automated emails that you would have received containing your password for example - hence the reason why we are getting so many copies of it.<p>You will have got the virus by opening up an attachment with either a .pif or a .scr at the end.<p>You can find out more information on the virus by clicking on the link below.<p>http://www.sarc.com/avcenter/cgi-bin/virauto.cgi?vid=26784<p>I would urge everyone to virus check their machines.<p>Regards,<p>Admin

0845 345 8888<p>BTW - you can now post replies in this forum, however onlu admins & moderators can post new topics.

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