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Dodgy E-mails to Soccer Websites

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The Romford FC website has come under attack from e-mails which contain a virus. The e-mails come from a variety of sources but can be easily identified because they have no message but one or more attachments.

"Kojak" has told me that he has suffered something similar.

The messages to our website seem ONLY to be going to the e-mail address which is linked to the main menu.

The virus is a "worm" known as w32.KlezH@mm and it infiltrates your address book and sends itself to everyone in it. Fortunately, I have a policy of NEVER opening unsolicited attachments together with constantly updated anti-virus software, so the "worm" hasn't infected my own PC.

However, if you have been less fortunate, the undermentioned website gives advice on how to deal with the problem:



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