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Fans Focus - Non League football clubs
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New NonLeague Prediction League

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Hi All,


You may remember a Prediction League that used to run on this site a year or so ago.


Well I've set a similar NonLeague prediction league that is starting this week. You can join it at Ipredict.co.uk, and it will feature 5 matches each week from the NonLeague pyramid, with the league starting this weekend.


Feel free to pop over and join in, and see if you're nonleague prediction knowledge is better than anyone else.


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Chris - nice to see you back with "the game" !


I was so disappointed that the game seemed to have petered out that I set one up myself, back in August. It is exactly the same one as the one you ran in 2003-04 season with the exception that I usually run with 5 Saturday fixtures and 5 mid-week fixtures ! I presume the one you are advertising here will be the same game ?



You can find details on how to find it a little further down...


I will advertise your new game on our forum and also message all my game players to visit your game with a view to joining up ! Maybe some of your players might like to avail themselves of the game which I am running too ?


For all those interested ~ the game I run is non-league, concentrating on Step 1 & 2 matches, FA Cup, FA Trophy & FA Vase fixtures - although I occasionally throw in a few others from time to time - to keep things interesting !

The site from which I run this game may be found at http://www.nlpl.co.uk/PredictionLeague/i...p;amp;cmd=table - which is attached to another's non-league forum and is well worth a visit if you have not found it before !

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Hi all


Just to let you know that the Non League prediction league is now set up and running for the new 2005/06 season.


The Non League prediction league on Ipredict.co.uk is now open and ready to play.


The league is free to play, and is for fun only (unless someone wants to donate a prize <img src="/forum/images/graemlins/wink.gif" alt="" /> ).


This season the league features a selection of games each week (starting from the 13th August 2005).


Our scoring rules are:


Points are awared as follows:



* 1 Points for predicting the correct number of goals for the home team.

* 1 Points for predicting the correct number of goals for the away team.

* 3 Points for a correct score. i.e. you predict 2-2 and the result is 2-1.

* 1 Point for a correct result. You predict 1-1, the score is 2-2.

* 0 Points for a incorrect result. i.e. you predict 3-2 and the result is 2-3.


Goal Difference (Point Difference)


* For each correct teams number of points you score, you receive that number of +goals. e.g. you predicit 3 and the team scores 3, you get +3 goal difference.

* For each incorrect number of points you predict per team, you lose the difference in goal/point difference. e.g. you predict 3 and the team scores 2, you get -1 goal difference.


To play please visit www.ipredict.co.uk


Hope to see you there.


Also for prediction fans - Viennas game is also ready to start the new season at NLPL.co.uk

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