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Cookies opinion of last nights outcome


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THE Council , as I understand it will get in an independent surveyor all expenses paid by the club, to confirm or deny the true viability of it all. The council and the club disagree on the figures and its viability. This idea as I recall

was the clubs.

Now, the club are confident enough to do this so it speaks volumes for their confidence that they have done this.

Of course it could all end up that the new surveyor finds it NOT viable in which case we would be dead and buried. If that be the case then we have lost nothing as we were down and out twice this week anyway.

However it proves to be Margates favour then YIPPEE, we not only will have been proved right but will have shown this council up as being incompetent and unworthy of continuing in office(though of course they still will ).

Question I brought up with Gordan Wallis as to the importance of this to the council as it surely is. They maybe would "nobble" a surveyor to get thr right result. He tells me that BOTH parties acquire their own surveyor and they BOTH work it all out together but the bill for them doing so has been offered to be made by the club.

The council have a lot to lose here and we have everything to gain.

Whilst the outcome is a risk taker on the clubs side the very fact that they have made this manouvre suggests that the confidence is high on this.

Lets not assume we are out of the woods just yet but now if anyone doubted that ALL plans etc were not submitted then this should confirm that they actually were all the time.

Its only that the sums dont seem to add up from the councils part yet from the clubs side they do.

This will tell us once and for all.

Our main problem at the moment is the conference. Will we get this come down in our favour and will they be satisfied that a build can then be achieved in time.

Tonight the club has raised the stakes and the council have accepted.

Should be very interesting the next few weeks and hopefully if as the club believe, we will both get our positive decision but also a date to rebuild alongside.

Its a risk by the club but it is a risk worth taking if in their eyes they are completely satisfied that what has been submitted is crrect and valid.

Thats how I heard it but I may be wrong in which case the statement due from the club shortly will

rectify or agree to my opinion of whats gone on tonight.

A terrific move on the clubs part. Risky but clever. Now all we have to hope for is that the clubs confidence is as they believe.

Two weeks now for those submissions to be made from the surveyors and a further two weeks for the council to make a final decision based on those submissions.

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