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Ezekiel Tonight


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Nothing we didnt know already. Just questions and HIS answers as we all expected. He re-affirms that whatever the outcome the council will still try and help keep football remaining at the ground.

Dont take this too much as to its meanings but listening to him for half hour I got the impression that he thinks it will acually get passed by the surveyor. Just the way he was talking. But he did say that if things did get the red light from the surveyor there were still other procedures to go through. I think he's talking about procedures that have been gone through in the past. Here we go again.



Seems this is never-ending this bloody thing. Still lets just wait and see what comes about before we take the next step.

I stayed for half an hour then left. It was pretty much the same as a previous meeting covered some time ago. Nothing new,nothing borrowed, nothing BLUE.Mores the pity.

No harm done I'm sure from tonights meeting.Dont think it got us anywhere but that was to be expected wasn't it. A waste of time really.

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I agree wiv the waste of time. But i have changed my view on the council, the club is joke. I cant believe how hard it is to get some1 2 sort out a buisness plan. The club couldnt even b bothered 2 turn up goes 2 show how much they care.

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