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Hey Zag

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Yep, I looking forward to watching it. 13.40 kick-off, I think. Shame it's not on the 12th, because I'm up north for my stag do then!


If we played like we played against Chelsea on Wednesday night, then it'll be even more interesting. I see that both Chelsea and Blackburn have been charged by the FA for failing to control their players. Sometimes I think that people forget that football is a physical, contact sport. Get into 'em!!

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Or watching poncy over-paid fairies (there are no masculine words that can really be associated with these types any more) perform a number of step-overs before giving a mis-placed pass, or trailing a leg and falling over far to easily. Why are tackles no longer allowed in the game? School football is more fun to watch, in the playground, as it's played on concrete which immediately gets rid of the fkin diving and playacting [****!!****]. Plus playing with a tennis ball is far more skillful. Then having a mass confrontation or two. What the hell's a confrontation? If your going to square up to someone, punch him, don't push and shove for a while and then run off as soon as the ref starts to get involved. These footballers go down at the slightest touch, yet get them in Chinawhites on a Saturday night, push them in the back and see what they do.


Rugby for me, any day.


<img src="/forum/images/graemlins/laugh.gif" alt="" />

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Unlike you though, I'm 90-odd miles away. Like you, I've lost most of my love for it. Unlike you, I'm talking about football in general. Don't get me wrong, scenes like http://www.soccerclips.net/clips/026.zip will every so often crop up that show you that football can be one of the best games in the world, but they are far too rare. The Bedford game, personally, ranks very highly for me, but I can never watch those 90 minutes again, because when I tried once before, I fast-forwarded through about 85 of them. Whereas I can watch the Autumn 2002 international, England 32-31 Australia, all day long.


Alongside Mendieta, http://www.timsweb.pwp.blueyonder.co.uk/images/TryvAus04.mpeg ranks up there.

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I wasn't at the Bedford game, as I was several thousand feet about the Atlantic Ocean at the time.


I have, however, watched the video footage, and it is dire. Absolute rubbish, and bears no resemblence to the beautiful game of football.


I still enjoy the last two minutes of the Boston Quarter-Final, mind you!!

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