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CK Day Superb


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Thanks to everyone who got to homelands, and who showed Chris Kinnear our thanks and gratitude in a brilliant show of applause. Thanks for the(2) banners Peter, and a third one made by Margatefan. Hope it didnt interrupt your housework June!! Think it was all worth the effort.

Can tell you CK was a bit taken aback by that show but I think he was also very grateful and amazed. Now he really DOES know what our thoughts of him are. That was fabulous today. Together with that the team showed great grit to win a game that they fully deserved to win.

Great substitutions at the right time too by the man himself.

All players deserve great credit today and the result ended the day on a high.

A fitting finale to CKs day at Homelands.

Thank you Tony M for the great idea and thanks to all those that made the day a successful one.Including the stewards,the management and even the ref (dare I say it) as they all were very accomadating.

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Yeah, I'm in the first pic, but my head is half hidden! Was a great game, and the lads deserved their victory, was proud to shake hands with CK and express what a great job he has done this season with the team! Someone joked about having a statue of Cookie made, I think there should be a statue of CK outside the new Hartsdown Park for his amazing dedication to the club, and for making the club the success it is today, and not still stuck in the Dr. Marten's leagues.

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Those pics dont tell half of it. For those that couldnt get there and for info purposes there were at least another 40/50 there applauding CK but DIDNT manage to get into the pics. Absolutely agree that something or other should have CKs name on it.

Still he we be here next season to officially open it himself as the MANAGER of MARGATE F.C.


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