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Tarr the STAR!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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Echo everything tony says. What a day today. It had everything. I thought last week was great but today wow. At one point everyone i mean everyone up the new! coffin end (actually the top end) was singing. And we were not even level at that point. Friends tell me they were singing in the stand in the second half. What it would have sounded like with a roof on goodness knows. Fantastic come back against a very gritty side. Now to Tarr the Star. What a character he was. Genielle and gentle one minute a snarling benzadrine puf adder the next. He adeared himself to the crowd and fell out with them twice! He flattened Chay twice i thought he had squashed him into the mud at one point. The deliberate obstruction for the penalty was because by then he had lost the plot completely and started attacking his own lot. He thought the ref was soft cos he said himself he should have been sent off. He was sent off last week. he continually asked q's about CK and gravesend apparently he played for them. His antics at the penalty were laughable too. And did he not look like Benny from Xroads or as some one said Doberman from Bilko. he did make some useful saves though in the first half. What a day what a reception for the manager and Kevin with muted boos for the ref. Boy one of the linesman looked 12 to me. Sure i saw cattapult in his pocket. To finish Ross Smith a legend. Gee he got through some ground. he reminded me of Dicko or Ian O'c in his prime. Great day the best fans and a superb team spirit. Crowd 233 one of our better ones of late. <img src="/forum/images/graemlins/grin.gif" alt="" />

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Thought there goalie was a nice bloak cracked me

up a few time thought he looked bit like a young ronnie barker tbh.

any way apart from some che and moses stomping he was a true profesional in the truest sence took everyting on the chin and didnt flip out like a lot of the other players tend to if u hurl a bit of abuse at em.

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