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Fans Focus - Non League football clubs
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Number 8

Friday Quiz...

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Fleetbabe said:
Yep 100% sure that it's Jay Jay Okocha, number 42. Plays as number 10 for bolton. won't accept it with or without the hyphen.

I know, so put the hyphen in and happily collect your point and move on. What does it matter if it's actually wrong? As long as it awards you what you want thats all that matters.

And you want to be a football agent..........?

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Our internet browser defaults to Yahoo, and from the Yahoo homepage you can view/link to this sort of thing.. Not everyone uses it so I have no problem bringing such quiz's to your attention.


If you get a chance, you should look at the 'office attachments' on the Yahoo home-page, there is a lot of really funny stuff on it, and it's updated weekely.



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