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Fans Focus - Non League football clubs
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Billy Cove


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Presuming that you do not mean non-league ?


bolton [color:"blue"]W[/color]anderers; ne[color:"blue"]W[/color]castle united; nor[color:"blue"]W[/color]ich city; [color:"blue"] W[/color]est brom[color:"blue"]W[/color]ich albion; [color:"blue"]W[/color]igan Athletic; ips[color:"blue"]W[/color]ich toWn, [color:"blue"]W[/color]est ham united; [color:"blue"] W[/color]olverhampton [color:"blue"]W[/color]anderers; mill[color:"blue"]W[/color]all; [color:"blue"]W[/color]atford; cre[color:"blue"]W[/color]e alexandra; sheffield [color:"blue"]W[/color]ednesday; s[color:"blue"]W[/color]indon toWn; [color:"blue"]W[/color]alsall; [color:"blue"]W[/color]rexham; s[color:"blue"]W[/color]ansea city; northampton to[color:"blue"]W[/color]n; [color:"blue"]W[/color]ycombe [color:"blue"]W[/color]anderers; mansfield to[color:"blue"]W[/color]n, cheltenham to[color:"blue"]W[/color]n; grimsby to[color:"blue"]W[/color]n; shre[color:"blue"]W[/color]sbury to[color:"blue"]W[/color]n


My guess is that folks get caught out on the teams ending in "Town" !


Here's one for you !



By which names are the following teams now better known ?



Apsley FC; Garden Farm FC; Tudoe Park FC & Swaythling Athletic FC

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