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Harry J Allstars

So what do we do about Britains hate culture?

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Harry J Allstars said:
in The Football Factory they never actually looked at why hooligans do what they do.

You’re having a laugh surely? The whole purpose of the film was to examine relationships between people and why the characters depicted chose to partake in violence. It wasn’t just a group of lads bowling round in Stone Island and Lacoste kicking [****!!****] out of each other. From what I could make of it the film centred around four sets of mates, teenagers, late twenties, forties and pensioners their relationships with each other and what drove them to do what they did.

I’m no psychologist so I can’t really comment on what makes these people tick but CoE briefly touched on it (although I’ve yet to meet a homosexual football thug!).

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Yeah but it didn't look into the back ground of why, did it. I saw the film about six months ago and will watch it again soon to make sure I'm correct but nothing came out of it that made you think oh so thats why they do it. Okay so the quote isn't exactly correct but my story is more of a why then a how.


It must be me but I never totally conected with the film, which is wierd because my dad always said football brings the hooligan out in me and I know had I been born thirty years earlier then I would have been a football hooligan. Even with all that I still didn't come out of that movie think wow me and those people are on the same level, we go through things similarly, I just thought, you just don't feel sorry for them. Okay so you don't feel sorry for Dave Nickleson either but it looks deeper into the mind than the Football Factory does.

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