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Hornchurch Accepted To ESL And Capital Leagues

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Why did our Chairmen vote them in to these leagues after they have been stealing all the players from both the ESL and Ryman Premier League (whose Chairmen voted on the Capital League) Surely we should have taught them a lesson and barred them from our Leagues. On another note, what is all this about the Urchins dressing up as Anne Summers Tarts, surely the Essex FA would have something to say about this. Disgusting is the word that comes to mind. Have these upstarts no pride. Have they no sense of order and history. Anne Summers? How common can you get. I suppose we shall have to put up with these filthy tarts from Hornchurch parading in basques and stockings when we play them. God knows what the barmaids will wear.

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Ha ha. Very good MoonSurfer.


So we've stolen ALL the players from the Ryman Prem and the ESL. Best we groundshare with England at the New Wembley Stadium then to accomodate them all. Ho hum, more pocket money wasted.





Gawd knows how these people feed themselves, let alone surf the moon.

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We voted them in as others had voted us in when we had our fall from grace. We could have voted against, sent another kick in the teeth to the supporters in Hornchurch, depleted the league further, lost out on at least two large profile and money earning games, and all because they will sign 3 non contract players, how dare they !

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