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Progress to return the Club to Hartsdown Park for the start of next Season remains on course. Turfing of the new pitch is due to complete tomorrow and building works as per the approved Ryman League grade specification are now underway.


The Hartsdown Development Company who are funding the works have opted to purchase, rather than hire, the temporary seated stands, dressing rooms and other temporary facilities, so that there is a re-sale value once our Club can deliver the permanent structure. Designs have been approved and orders placed for delivery. The seated stands will be manufactured off-site and craned into position upon delivery.


The embargo placed on our Club last Season has finally been lifted with all football debts listed under the embargo now paid in full. The Club continues to negotiate to settle the remainder of its football debts which did not form part of the embargo but which were incurred from the start of last Season, when players and staff went unpaid for several weeks. The target date to settle these debts is the end of June 2005.


The Directors can now confirm they have negotiated and formally agreed a new 3-year sponsorship deal. The official announcement will be made at tonight’s meeting but we can say that the deal includes financial incentives to win promotion back to Conference National, the package also includes sponsored kit for both first team and all thirteen teams in the Youth Section and represents a major forward move to restoring confidence to our Community and to other potential commercial investors.


With thanks to Niki Canham, the Club has been able to issue a schedule of commercial packages on our website. Season tickets will be available shortly and the Club is now taking advance orders. The prices remain the same as last year and the Directors are hoping for a good response, providing the Club with forward funding.


The Directors have now advised the Manager of his playing budget for next Season and Chris will be available to answer questions at the forum this evening.


The Club continues to rely on a successful outcome to its detailed planning application in order to bring its’ administration to a close and commence the new Season debt free.


See you all tonight.

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Seems as somewhat of an oddity that the development company have decided to buy rather than hire the temporary facilitys,prahaps they have a similar situation elswhere to fund or it just proves sound economic sense to purchase, should the full plan saga go on for a protracted period of time,however love the update plenty to comment on good that CK can now talk to players.

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