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Whats that smell? oh, i think it must be the foul whiff of another sh*tty cup draw in the FA Cup!

Just think we could have got a p*ss poor side from the southern league or at least a home tie, but no we get one of the teams in non-league footie with the best record in cup competitions.


Throw in the 6 hour coach trip and a load of obnoxious west country "yokkels" calling us cockneys all afterternoon and you can see why it's all gone t*ts up! Shame we ere only 9 games from cardiff/wembley!

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What's a "yokkel" Mr Poo???


An icelandic axe?


The currency in East Timor?


Frank Ifield with catarrh?


You'll all be made very welcome at Ladysmead (even if you smell like poo). Yes we all think Windsor is within earshot of Bow Bells and we've heard the Ambrosia song so many times that we sing along with it.


Grow up

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Was talking more along the lines of the strength of opposition we're facing. However im delighted to hear that the good honest upstanding folk of Tiverton will be bening over backwards to make our visit a pleasant one. As im sure other loyal Royalists will call, non-league grounds in the West Country are often hostile places, with the matches played in a simmering under-current of nastiness and violence, usually caused because Windsor fans give as good as they get.


Don't know about our chances, but you'll be assured of the barmy army out-singing you for 90 minutes! "i've got a brand new combine harvester...." <img src="/forum/images/graemlins/argue.gif" alt="" />

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Hey Poo man, there'll be no bending over backwards. Sounds to me you're talking about certain venues in Wiltshire, Gloucestershire and Somerset and would agree with your remarks.


Rest assured, our average age is 92 and the only simmering takes place in the incontinence devices - available in home and away colours from the Club Shop. Nobody makes any noise for fear of giving their neighbour a cardiac arrest.


The ale is excellent and cheap in the Club House the food superb and served by scantily clad lovelies (also average age 92).


You'll be fine..........


Another thread talks about coming by train - Reading to Tiverton Parkway is an easy journey but be aware the station is a Parkway i.e. 7 miles out of town so budget for a taxi......



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From an exiled Watford fan living in Tiverton.


You wont find a better bunch than Tiverton supporters. Everyone mixes in the club lounge and it is really friendly. It should be a cracking match. Tiverton are what a Devon club should be like. Lovely ground and can reccomend the pasties. NB L*t*n fans take note ** Friendly **


N.B Mike Booth from Tiverton is on the FA website for player of the round 2nd qf www.thefa.com all help appreciated.

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Mr. Poo (who?) -

Enough of this 'yokel' drivel from you. As is well known, the centre of the Universe is located somewhere between Exeter and Winchester.

I for one will be glad to return, however briefly, to civilisation after spending so much time here among the barbarians of the extreme north east. Bring on the venison pasties, the cream scones and the mead!


SiD <img src="/forum/images/graemlins/pipe.gif" alt="" />

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