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Prohibition rears its ugly head


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Last weekend here had a British flavour.


On Sunday we had a Remembrance Day service at Lima´s Church of the Good Shepherd, an Anglican Church and staunch relic of a bygone age when Brits here actually went to church. Quite properly the service was solemn and respectful and wreaths were laid outside on the grass. Then afterwards while the women drank tea and talked Christmas donations in the Church hall, the men drank ale and talked anything but Christmas donations in the kitchen.


I was surprised to read in the Church program that later that afternoon there was to be blessing of animals at the church. Bring your pets it read: dogs, cats, birds, etc etc. Now I realise that God no longer plays to packed houses on a Sunday, but reducing Him to playing to animals instead.. well I thought maybe I´d bring along a guinea pig for the Almightly to bless... so that it would cook well afterwards in the deep fryer.


Now as the rumour here goes, the Spanish too had a great love for Peruvian animals, because apparently when they arrived back to Europe after first conquering the Incas they brought back with them syphilis. And with only one animal does this same syphilis strain come from.. the llama. Maybe in them days it was a straight choice.. a beautiful, slim, hot jungle girl or a...llama. The Spanish were never very picky. But hey this is just a Peruvian rumour. Probably no less true than Chester ever winning promotion again.


Now the bad news. Shops can´t sell it, bars can´t serve it. Everywhere, I guess, is going to be closed. It´s "ley seca" (dry law). For 3 days from Friday to Sunday, booze is banned throughout Lima. Even caught drinking it on the street and you´re fined. Municipal elections are taking place and my dears alcohol is prohibited, probably I imagine to stop the threat of mob violence when the winners are announced. I have a little supply fridged up, but colleagues have jumped ship for a few days, so it´s going to be a pretty piss poor weekend, even more so cause the Fleet ain´t playing and I won´t have a good win to cheer up my sober soul. But it´s only one weekend. I think I´ll get through it, I think I will.

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As a wee postscript to my posting above, one of the geezers running for elections here, looks a bit like that Lineaker chap (well he does after each time I leave the bar). See what you think if you can be bothered at www.peru.to/miraflores


Well prohibition has now started. A few places will be serving behind closed doors. Worth pursuing, but a bit tricky if the police were to come knocking. Maybe I can wait to Monday after all.




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