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Support from the locals

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Having mentioned in an earlier thread that I heard a whisper from the Council, it gave me an idea while slaving over my job. Why dont the supporters of St.Albans City FC get together and make a noise. If they promote the club in the local area, showing potential, maybe the local council and business men will wake up and take notice. You would have thought that in a comuter town like St.Albans is, it would be easy to find a potential buyer outside of the club.<p>I'm aware that the local paper is running a campaign but this isnt really enough. I'm sure most fans want to save the club for reasons other than to gain money themsleves. I dont suppose this will happen, a company or individual is always going to win, but if the supports show how much history this club has and how much a city like St.Albans needs a football club in such a promising area, then maybe the right solution will be found.<p>

Apart from my waffle, is there any news on the League meeting that took place on Monday?

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