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Since I've moved to a little village near St. Albans I've fallen in love with the saints! - Mrs Mangle.<p>page_sm.jpg

If City get shut down I will be arresting Harding! - Polly Page from the Bill<p>0505.jpg

Zippy also lends his support but Bungle had zipped him up!<p>wellard1.jpg

woof woof woof - well ard, eastenders<p>header2.jpg

It only takes a minute girl to find a millionaire backer - Ask Gaz Barlow he doesn't do much these days - Howard Donald from Take That <p>sweeney5.jpg

We're the sweeney son, and we havn't had any football so unless you want a kickin' you'd best sort it out - Reagan from the Sweeny<p>dmpoint.gif

When I've finished with Greenback I'm onto Harding, Penfold is already on his way round to Steve Eames! - Dangermouse<p>bob2.jpg

When I'm not doing Hollywood movies or starring in Red Hot dutch **** Films or being offical adviser to George Bush or being president of Chad, I have been known to watch the saints, My dog will be spitting in the eye of Harding very soon - Bob Carolgees and Spit the dog.

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