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Wow !!

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Hmmnn. From odd comments on the ConfNat forum, Exeter City claim to have one of the best travelling supports with between 200 and 800 making each trip, allegedly. But then they are 'used to it', I guess.


As has been said elsewhere, our numbers for the last three home games of the season were swelled, obviously by our league position, but also by around 140 or so who had taken advantage of the free entry for kids iniative.


There will be an element of curiousity value for the first few home games but so much will depend on the early results, I guess. Who would be a bean-counter, eh?

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hi all ignore that forum it just a shity unofficial 1, our main forum is at




im sure our fans dont mean no harm by what they have said about your stand, but it is abit differnet to what we are used to.


with kiddy having one of the best 3 stadiums in the league (with oxford and rushden)and have played in the league for 5 years playing at, notts f, hull c, dalrington,ipswich, bham c, wolves etc, were just not used to older stadiums like yours- only see them in friendlies against smaller teams like gloucester, worcester.

but there is nothing to worry about most of the confernece has a poor standard of stadium (probably only 5-10 worth visiting)

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