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Prediction Leauge

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Hi All,


Just to let you all know that the Non-League Prediction League is up and running on www.ipredict.co.uk




We have the same scoring as last year, so it is slightly different from the NLPL.co.uk game, and a slightly less intense 5 games a week.


This season sees the addition of 2 new prediction league features which we hope will enhance the game.


These are


Default scores - by setting a default score in your profile you can have this set to predict games using this score. So if you go on holiday or forget to predict a week this score will be used.


Mini Leagues - you can set up a mini league to just show your standing with your friends whilst competing in the main league as well.

Both these are new - so if anybody spots a problem with them (or anything else in fact) please let us know.


Lastly if anybody wants to run a prediction league for their club etc then please contact us as we can set one up for you on the site.


Hope to see you in the game.


http://www.ipredict.co.uk/NL3/ Non-League Prediction League 2006/07




best regards



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