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So Who is Dirty now

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I see that the latest but most thorough research demonstrates that certain 4 x 4 vehicles are far more Eco friendly than the eco-friendly built cars; the tests were carried out over the lifetime of a vehicle in “dust to dust” energy costs per mile.


Dirty Dozen;

1. Maybach

2. VW Phaetom

3. Rolls Phantom

4. Lexus RX400H (hybrid)

5. Range Rover

6. Volvo XC90

7. Toyota Pius (hybrid)

8. Honda Civic (hybrid)

9. Toyota Land Cruiser

10. Honda Insight (hybrid)

11. Land Recovery Discovery

12. Range Rover Sport


The Top Ten

1. Jeep Wrangler

2. Toyota Yaris

3. Toyota Corolla

4. Chevrolet Kalos

5. Ford Focus

6. Hyundal Accent

7. Mazda 3

8. Jeep Cherokee

9. Chrysler Crossfire

10. Suzuki Grand-Vitara


The hybrid of course is the car driven by eco-fanatics as an example to the rest of us.

There are some pretty heavy numbers in the top ten but simple to produce and simple in maintenance cost and the eventual disposal of.

The hybrids of course also have replacement equipment built in the throw away culture whwere on failure those parts cannot be repaired only replaced with new and each time increasing the manufacture energy burn per car.

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I read about this some time ago - very interesting but not totally surprising. I am surprised though to see that Land Rover (other than Range Rover and RR Sport which are as you say "dirty") are not in teh top ten - Defender and Discovery. The report I read had them up there, well above the hybrid thingys. As well as the whole life aspect, it said that even in "normal" mode the figures quoted for the hybrid's fuel consumption are so unachievable in practice they are essentially fraudulent.


But you just can't tell some people. There is a new puritanism pursued with almost fanatical religious zeal.

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