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The sad world we live in...

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..not a fan of any code of Rugby, but I presume England are playing NZ over the weekend..

Latest story to hit the wires...Aaron Mauger says that Kiwis were racially abused at Twickenham last year..

It hurt him so much that that the thick Kiwi cu nt took a year to work it out?

The man should be hung drawn and quatered......

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I hope we give them a good pasting, not points wise, but maybe lewis moody goes mental and unleashes his fists of fury on the nz team.i hate them. and asfor the "new but still traditional haka" (the littlegay dancethey do b4 the game) theinclusion of a throat slittinggesture is notexactly sportsmanlike do you agree??? fkrs.

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