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Ford United 2 - Urchins 3 (friendly)


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HFC took a fairly heavyweight team down to Barkingside tonight (including Dymitri in goal) and came away comfortable winners having been 3-0 in front with some 15 minutes to go. The game was a 'very' friendly but nonetheless, a win is a win against class opposition, Craig Cripps, Chris Stowe and Nathan Elder (who was most impressive) were the scorers for Hornchurch and perhaps more encouragingly, both Danno Benstock and Nicky Lowrie played most of the game having come back from serious injuries and survived to tell the tale, as well as McGowan Cripps and Stowie getting a good run out in front of wednesdays important game gainst the Hawks. Things look good indeed. A certain unamed full back also impressed Mick Marsden as well, so, all in all, a good night to go forward from. Well done Urchins.

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Good game in which I think a few players got a good run out. Gav played as a sweeper and looked at ease all game and showed what a class player he is. Two boys up front worked hard and Cripsy had a good game on the right putting in good crosses and popping up with another goal. I think all the youth team lads deserve a mention who all held there own and the left wing back also had a good game.


Decent performance. Score line flattered fords

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