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Ian is in the process of changing servers. Unfortunately there will be a short amount of 'down-time' although he will do his best to keep this to a miniumum.


At the moment everything is working fine. The problem you are experiencing is quitle likely to be related to the virus that is affecting servers all over the world at the moment,especially America where the First Hosting server is located. Once the change-over is complete the new server will be in London and should be much faster.


Although the virus problem looks to have settled down for the time being, experts are forecasting that tomorrow, when business opens all over the world, problems might arise once again.


Luckily I have Ian as my technical assistant looking after all these things for me. Although I mistreat him occasionally and abuse him frequently, he does know his USB from his PCMCIA. We are very fortunate to have him looking after the technicalities of our website so, hopefully, we should only experience the minimum of disruption over the next few days.

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aahhh thats why i have just been phond dn told to get into work early.. bearing in mind i start at 7.15am in the city normally you can imagine just how painful early is.. hopefully this bottle of red wine will do the job and i will get to sleep before my alarm goes off at 4.30 am!!

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I once tried Night Nurse to help me get to sleep but there was a warning label on the bottle that said, 'WARNING: MAY CAUSE DROWSINESS!'


Sod that! Give me a bottle of red wine any day.

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